[★VIDEO] ‘Kkab King’ Jokwon is back with hilarious dance for miss A’s “Only You”

Jokwon is back with his undefeatable dance moves, giving his own rendition of miss A‘s “Only You” which is currently topping music charts!

miss A has already achieved their third all-kill on music charts with the song and Jokwon also shows his support for his labelmates with an exaggerated dance cover!

Uploaded onto miss A Min‘s personal Instagram, the short 10-second video of the ‘Kkab King’ in shades was powerful enough to bring laughters from everyone, while making fans want to see more.

The Instagram post was cleverly captioned as “Only You Jokwon,” killing two birds with one stone by promoting miss A’s latest title track “Only You” and at the same time referring that Jokwon would be the only one capable of conveying the dance in such a unique way.

Jokwon also recently added his own style to “Up & Down” and “Gee” in front of EXID, bringing much entertainment to viewers as many have missed his dorkiness.

Meanwhile, 2AM has recently parted ways with Jokwon renewing his contract with JYP EntertainmentSeulong joins SidusHQJinwoon goes to Mystic Entertainment, while Changmin‘s decision has yet to be announced.