KONNECT Entertainment Sends Special Birthday Message To Kang Daniel Through Photos

Happy birthday Kang Daniel!

KONNECT Entertainment posted a special birthday message through their official Instagram to celebrate Kang Daniel‘s birthday. Born on December 10, 1996, Kang Daniel turned 23 today. His agency posted a cute message online through photos. Each photo had a little phrase that when put together, created a special message for Daniel.



The first photo reads, “2019.12.10 Happy birthday Kang Daniel.”



The second photo reads, “A lot of people.”



The third photo reads, “…are supporting you.”




The fourth photo reads, “Let’s match our feet and walk together.”



The fifth photo reads, “We are waiting for the day you find your true color again.”



The last photo reads, “Our pretty Daniel, let’s be happy. Today you are a cat (먐미해=cat).”



The full message reads, “Happy birthday Kang Daniel. Many people are supporting you. Let’s match our pace and walk together. We anticipate the day you find your true colors again. Our beautiful Daniel, let’s be happy. Today you are a cat (먐미해=term used by fans for Kang Daniel because he looks like a cat).”



Happy birthday to Kang Daniel!

Source: theqoo

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