Koomina makes a comeback with “Beautiful Thing” MV

On February 25th, rookie singer Koomina released her comeback music video for “Beautiful Thing,” where she shows off her cute and playful charms. 

Koomina made her debut in Korean in July of 2014 with her first album and title track, “Suddenly.” Seven months later, she is now making a comeback with her second album, Beautiful Thing. The album contains a total of seven tracks and an instrumental version of the title track, “Beautiful Thing.” Many of the tracks are remixes of songs that were part of her first album.

In the beginning of the video for her second album’s title track, “Beautiful Thing,” the music has a cool club beat as she walks into room and throws off her jacket. Her dancing around the room shows that she definitely knows how to have a good time. The addictive club beat and trendy outfits throughout the music video bring together the scenes and illustrate the concept for her comeback.

In the past, Koomina has also showcased her dancing abilities by performing a dance practice version of the Korean version of her song “Suddenly.” To learn more about this rookie artist, check out her official YouTube or Twitter.

Check out the music video for “Beautiful Thing” below! What do you think of the song?

Source: CJENMMUSIC Official YouTube and Bugs