Korean Couples App Under Fire For Promoting Stalking

You can go as far as to see how much battery your partner’s phone has.

It’s no secret that when you love someone, you want to know everything about them. Korean app makers took this common knowledge to a whole new level when they developed a no holds barred couples app. Through this app, couples can trace their partner’s:

1. Current location

2. Location routing

3. Call history

4. Text history

5. Phone information

Not only can you find out where your partner is and where they’re going, you can also see the status of their phone. In just a few clicks, you will be able to know their battery life, WiFi network, location mode (GPS, network mode), sound and alarm mode, screen mode (on or off), and time since booting.

This app has received a number of positive reviews online, with reviewers exclaiming how much they like it.

5 stars: Wow~ This is the best location app I’ve used so far! *thumbs up* the location is daebak accurate. I can even see all my boyfriend’s incoming ka-talks so I can be aware of whether or not he’s cheating on me~ this is daebak! *thumbs up*. I’ll have to pay after the trial period so I’m a bit worried about my money~;;;^^

5 stars: It’s creepy how I can know everything. I can rest assured about everything. I like this so much

5 stars: This app builds up my trust, it’s good ><

– Reviewers

Korean netizens, however, are not as sure. They claim that this app is a gross invasion of privacy and promotes stalking.

F*ck, I just imagined my boyfriend asking me to download this;;; this is almost an app for stalkers

– Korean Netizen

They argued that the only couples who would use an app like this are those who have no trust in their significant other. According to comments, it would be better if the makers of the app targeted it towards people who care for the elderly, as well as for family members in general.

Would you download an app like this?

Source: Nate