[★VIDEO] Korean high school girl saves man from belligerent drunk driver

A female high school student has become famous on the internet after running onto a busy road to save a fallen bus driver from a drunk driver. 

The student, lovingly nicknamed “the red backpack girl” by the internet, was caught on camera as she ran out onto a busy road to help a bus driver who had been pushed aside by a drunk driver.

A bus driver had noticed a drunk man weaving in and out of the lanes, and had gotten out of his bus to physically stop the drunk man from causing accidents by standing in front of the man’s car.

However, the drunk man merely pushed aside the bus driver with his car and sped away, leaving the bus driver lying on the road. While the student was running to help the bus driver, she began shouting the license plate number of the drunk driver’s car before bystanders to call for help.

Her quick thinking helped police catch the drunk driver only 600m from where the bus driver had fallen.

Netizens have showered compliments and praise on “the red backpack girl” for her quick thinking and selfless action.

Watch the incident below:

Source: Yonhap News