Korean program plays m/v of female idol involved in prostitution scandal

The music video of the female idol involved in prostitution scandal plays on Korean program “Night of TV Entertainment”

Earlier, we reported that Korean media The Fact confirmed the female idol who was involved in the prostitution scandal of receiving around 35 million Won or around $30,000 USD for sleeping with a 45 year old Korean American businessman and CEO of a business identified as M Choi living in Los Angeles. However, both Korean and international netizens couldn’t tell the true identity of the female artist due to the fact that Korean media cannot legally identity the person’s name on reports.

However, on the episode of “Night of TV Entertainment” that aired on March 16th, the music video of the female artist played on the program in which viewers and netizens were able to tell who it was.

Many netizens claimed the music video is G.NA‘s “2Hot” music video.

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Source: Youtube, SBS Entertainment