Korean Rapper Freestyling To Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” Will Blow Your Mind

He took the beat and made it into his own song.

Everyone can agree that Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” had one of the best beats in recent history.


In fact, the beat is so good that rappers have been freestyling with it.

Rapper K9 was one of the rappers who was up to the challenge.


Without ever having heard the song, K9 was able to ride the beat and freestyled for over a minute long.


After an impressive performance, K9 took a look at the original song by Red Velvet.

And he instantly recognized the group!


He also revealed that he knew Wendy from before she debuted with the group.

“That’s Wendy, right? I had coffee with her when she was an SM trainee!”


After having a little fun talking about the past, K9 enjoyed jamming out to the song.


Watch K9’s full freestyle performance to Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” below!

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