Korean TV Show Reveals Story Behind Woman’s Plastic Surgery Journey to Stardom

The story behind a idol member and her drastic plastic surgery experience prior to debut is coming out to open due to one individual.

While plastic surgery and K-Pop are often linked together, this story is getting more attention than usual on Korean TV programs, after an “industry expert” revealed the story of a girl group idol member who underwent extreme full-body plastic surgery prior to debuting.

It was revealed that the singer’s story can be likened to a real-life version of the popular movie 200 Pound Beauty. They continue to say while she is known for her perfect body, visuals, and vocal talents, she used to be overweight and considered unattractive when she was young.

Upon meeting with another singer and producer,  they recommended she get plastic surgery to enhance her visuals. She then saved enough money for a full body surgery, which included enlarging her breasts and liposuction in addition to enhancing her facial features.

“Facial surgeries are a give she has had breast enlargement, liposuction and even ab surgery”


“She was fat and ugly  and when she auditioned all the feed back she got was that she would need surgery.”


“She always wanted to be a celebrity but she kept getting cut from auditions due to her appearance.”


“She saved up enough money to do a complete transformation on her entire body.”

The TV show also revealed that due to the fact that this idol failed multiple auditions, she ended up joining an escort service in order to meet with entertainment officials and make better connections. However, when she met with one official through this service, he told her to get lost and that she was too ugly.

After this procedure, she went to find this same official and was able to debut as a singer through him. The shocking reveal of the story was that the official still has no idea that the singer is the same girl he told was, “too ugly”.

Source: Pann