KRYSKHLOE: KCON LA 2016 + Meet & Greet RECAP


? See Backstage Footage!

KCON LA 2016 is a year to remember. I met so many of my lovely fans and awesome influencers at my first meet and greet at the MakeupPlus photo booth with Memebox. I remember my face hurting because I was laughing and smiling so hard! Thank you for all those who came to see me and captured our moments – you were all super sweet! #MakeupPlusxMemebox


Much love ♥ was shown to Koreaboo by @IamKareno, @Bapmokja, @CusImHaeppy, @AboutLiahYoo, @BeautifyMeeh, @HelloLynnPark, @Meejmuse, @HeyitsFeiii, @WhoisGemini and many more! Let me just say, IamKareno is #goals (I love you bbyK).




It was amazing to meet Celeb Hair Stylist and Hair Artist, Udha and use his amazing hair products live at KCON (Instagram@duetbyudha). I highly recommend checking out his hair products because K-celebs use his products on a regular basis to keep their hair strong and silky!



Did you see me try to gobble half a hot dog as part of the mukbang on KCON.TV Live?! It was a race who could finish half the hot dog the fastest (I think I came in close for first place) but I learned my lesson not to play with food again. Many thanks to behind the scenes cameramen, Edward and @RyanbyRyanChua.

Not only did I see my usual dongsengs, Justin Park and Gemini, I got to meet the first Korean-American male model contestant on America’s Next Top Model, Justin Kim Oppa. He was tall, sweet, and super stylish!



I got to stop by the Flower Boy Cafe and say hi to JunCurryAhn, who is absolutely so talented. And I was totally fangirling over Bapmokja and CusImHaeppy (jk, Bapmokja was just showing off that he lifts;).



After the convention on the last day, I said farewell to my friends before going to the concert, Steven and Evan (Buzzfeed crew from KPOP makeover video – watch it if you haven’t already). Steven, you really became a K-pop celeb after that video! (I don’t remember why, but we started bowing on my Snapchat)! Make sure you follow my Snapchat (@KRYSKHLOE) for more BTS, daily adventures, and see all the food I eat!

The concert was a TOTAL blast! I got to say hi to my favs, Eric Nam, Amber and TTS. When Amber came out when Eric was performing, I was screaming (maybe too loud) ?. You can see the recap and my Snapchat stories on my KCON LA + Lookbook Video! It’ll make you feel like you were actually there!

TTS are real-life goddesses. Seriously. They was bringing their throwback songs and the seriously, the crowd went crazy (me included). Not only was it GG‘s anniversary, it was also Tiffany‘s birthday! ♥ Happy anniversary and birthday! ♥



It was so much fun seeing everyone’s performances and how wild the crowd went! What were your thoughts on KCON LA 2016? KCON was so much fun this year and I honestly can’t wait for next year!


Spot me next time ✌,

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