[★VIDEO] Kwanghee draws laughter with broken English on latest “Infinity Challenge” episode

On the May 30th episode of MBC‘s hit variety show, Infinity Challenge, the newest member, ZE:A‘s Kwanghee, made the cast, airport workers, and viewers laugh at his cute attempt to order ice cream in English.

During this week’s episode of Infinity Challenge, the members were stuck at the airport during the beginning of their “Bangkok vacation,” which turned out to be the latest installment of their popular mini-series “Extreme Part-Time Jobs.”

While waiting around at the airport, Kwanghee offered to go buy ice cream for the members and was accompanied by member Yoo Jae Suk. The first laugh came when Kwanghee pronounced “deluxe” as “deluce/deloose” and then stared with a blank face, showcasing his confusion. In contrast, Yoo Jae Suk showcased his English skills by correcting Kwanghee’s pronunciation and pointing out when he used the wrong phrase.

Kwanghee attempted to order a “Mango Deluxe,” and started off with the phrase, “May I help you?” When Yoo Jae Suk pointed out that Kwanghee’s phrase was what the person behind the counter was supposed to ask, Kwanghee changed it to ask, “Can I help you?” After drawing another laugh from those around him, Kwanghee pulled out a menu, pointed to the “Mango Deluxe,” and said, “I want one of this,” effectively ordering the ice cream. However, he decided to continue trying, as he followed it up with, “I want many this,” drawing laughter yet again, before adding, “Full, ye, please.”

After receiving the order, Kwanghee finished off by telling the server, “Have a nice day,” which is entirely correct, however, he added, “Have a nice trip,” which was not applicable because she was not traveling, drawing laughter once again.

Check out Kwanghee’s English order below!