Kwanghee goes airborne to confess his undying love for UEE

On the June 13th episode of Infinite Challenge, Haha and Kwanghee had a beautiful beach day in Bangkok.

As the two arrived in their beach outfits, Haha teased Kwanghee about UEE before drawing “UEE <3 Kwanghee” in the sand.

Soon after, Kwanghee suited up as Haha relaxed in the back of a boat. The video was soon filled with Kwanghee’s shrieks as he went airborne thanks to the combination of the boat’s pulling and the magnificent parachute.

However, he was able to calm down enough to send a sweet confession to UEE, requesting that they meet again when he returns to Korea. It has been revealed through other variety programs that Kwanghee thinks highly of UEE and has even gotten rejected by the female celebrity, hence bringing another level of hilarity to the scene.

Kwanghee has already led a variety of comedic stunts on the variety show such as showing off his broken English and going crazy over noodles on a roller coaster.

Check out the hilarious video here:

Source: Sports Chosun