LABOUM asks “What Should We Do” in MV teaser

After debuting with Pit-a-Pat in August, LABOUM is returning to the music scene with a new track, and has released their music video teaser for their title song “What Should We Do”.

On October 27th, CJ E&M Music unveiled LABOUM’s first music video teaser for their comeback song “What Should We”.

Within this dark 15 second teaser, the girls of LABOUM become still ballerina dolls rotating on a platform to the music box tune. Here, they wait for the time of night where they come to life, which can be seen by the ticking clock and the shadows falling on its gears. A snippet of them dancing with jerky movements is seen, presumably re-enacting a mechanical ballerina doll’s dance. With an underlying ticking sound to the song’s electronic version of the music box’s usual tune, fans may wonder what LABOUM has in store.

This girl group, comprised of members Hae In, Sol Bin, Yul Hee, Soyeon, ZN and Yu Jeong, was formed as a collaboration between Nega Network and NH Media.

With this comeback, LABOUM shows a complete 180 degree change in concept and mood, as the girls were bubbly and bright in their debut music video, but cold and sorrowful in this teaser.