LABOUM embark on a “Fresh Adventure” in 4th single MV release

Girl group LABOUM is showing their refreshing charms for their latest single album Fresh Adventure, dropping the music video for their title as well.

Released on April 6th, the music video follows the six-member girl group as they dream of going on an adventure of their own in the form of camping and making a makeshift campsite inside a room, watching a movie from a projector before falling asleep. Falling asleep, they find themselves in the woods with a real camp set up.

“Fresh Adventure” is a track composed by MUSOH and GALAX with lyrics written by Jang Yeon Jung (SM The Ballad‘s “Breathe,” Kim Bo Kyung‘s “Day By Day”) and ENNE (LABOUM’s “Aalow Aalow,” Rainbow‘s “Whoo”) . The song has a colorful string and trendy synth sound and is a retro-pop track that will take you back to music in the 90s.

Check out this refreshing track!