LABOUM releases dance MV for “What About You”

On November 12th, LABOUM released a dance version for their new song “What About You,” after having released their official music video on October 31st. 

LABOUM’s music video for “What About You,” featured cute costumes, a catchy song and a very cute dance. The fun-looking choreography coupled with an irresistible tune are definitely a deadly combination, and a dance version is perfect for someone who has been enthralled by the song and want to learn the choreography. The choreography is very dependent on the steady rhythm and beat of the song, making it fun for beginners and advanced dancers alike!

So far, fan responses to the dance version of “What About You” have been overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as: “So cute…I love this girl group!“, “LABOUM dance really well!“, and “LABOUM♡ this concept is really attractive!

The six member group,  consisting Haein, Solbin, Yulhee, Soyeon, ZN, and Yujeong, debuted in August with “Pit-A-Pat”, and surprised their fans by coming back with “What About You” after just two months. LABOUM has been promoting “What About You” by performing on music shows, including November 11th’s episode of SBS MTV The Show.