LABOUM unveils “What About You” concept images and videos

LABOUM gifts fans with concept images and multiple videos of their dance practice, album jacket photoshoot and music video production for their debut song “What About You“.

From November 4th-7th, LABOUM released a series of surprises for their fans, all relating to their comeback song “What About You”, the title track to their first album, [Petit Macaron] Data Pack.

Solbin and Yujeong are seen in the following concept images, both in still figurine poses, complete with cute accessories, and garments. Here, their seemingly neutral facial expressions are the key highlights of their doll-like concept.

Also, the girls are seen working hard in the practice room, perfecting their choreography in time to the music box’s familiar tune. Dancing like mechanical ballerinas, LABOUM’s efforts have not gone to waste as they recreate these intentionally jerky movements, in sync with each other from head to toe.

The girls, in the midst of their busy filming, each take the time to talk to their fans in this video featuring their jacket photoshoot and music video production. At some points, they even take the initiative to record themselves and their members. Overall, a gleeful atmosphere is felt throughout this video, as the girls show off their eye smiles and natural aegyo.

LABOUM, which translates to “the party” in French, is a collaborative girl group between Nega Network and NH Media. They first debuted in August, with their song “Pit-a-Pat“, and the six members, Haein, Solbin, Yulhee, Soyeon, ZN and Yujeong, have been working hard since then, seen in their comeback song.

Currently, LABOUM has been busy promoting their comeback song “What About You”.