[★VIDEO] Leaked footage of Red Velvet’s manager abusing fans sparks controversy

A video of Red Velvet‘s manager yelling at their fans is going viral on Korean SNS.

The video was uploaded on May 8th by a fan on Youtube with the title “May 8th Fancam of Red Velvet leaving Music Bank.”

The video which is around 1 minute 29 seconds long features the manager continuously swearing and yelling at the fans to get away from the girls.

Below is the video and the translated words of the manager.

(His words are all in the informal form of language)

1st clip: Make way, make way. Make way! Hey don’t grab at them ssibal (*equivalent of fuck)…(audio unclear) get away get away everyone get behind. Get out! Fuckin get behind! You put that camera away.

2nd clip: Why don’t you people fucking listen. I dare you to start talking to the members I dare you all. Get out! Ya! If you listened we’d just go hey you two beside them get away from them. I told you to keep your distance.

3rd clip: (Pulls a fan back by the shoulder) Get away!

While some netizens are saying that he is doing his job most seem to agree that he went overboard with his actions.

Source: Wikitree