This Leaked Video of EXO’s Upcoming “Monster” Track and Choreography Will Blow Your Mind

EXO-Ls are bracing themselves this summer as the popular boy group is preparing to make a comeback this summer with a brand new album. Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, choreography and track for EXO‘s new song has been leaked.

Now EXO has only begun to release teasers for their comeback, leaving another puzzle for fans to solve, only including the hashtags #LuckyOne and #Monster as hints of their new songs. Just shortly afterwards, the demo version of EXO’s upcoming track “Monster” as well as what is the alleged working choreography for the track was leaked online. Going on the reaction of fans who could not contain themselves and watched the video, “Monster” will undoubtedly be reigning the music charts this summer.

There is also something to say about the choreography as well as the intricate moves screams the type of stage fans have begun to expect from EXO.

With the date of June 6th, which can only be expected to be a release date of some kind, fans are showing their excitement to hear the track and dance performed by the members of EXO themselves.