LEDApple greets fans through video message + new photos

On January 22nd, LEDApple revealed a set of photos featuring their new 2015 lineup as well as a special video message for fans to see.

In the video, the four members stand casually in comfortable outfits as they introduce themselves and their new roles one by one.

JUN kicked it off, sharing, “Hello, I’m the guitarist and vocalist, LEDApple’s leader JUN.” Next, Kei chimes in with, “I’m the vocalist Kei and in charge of the instrument called the keytar.” The third member is AKi who is in charge of rap and drums. Fourthly, Kyo introduced himself: “I’m Kyo, the person in charge of bass and keyboard.” Finally, Kei closed the video with a call for support, saying, “LEDApple will continue with more activities as a four-member band in 2015. Since we’ll be doing a lot of activities with new names, please remember them. Please support us a lot. Thank you!

The group recently announced the new lineup and fans can get excited with the release of this short but friendly video message. The newly unveiled photos also help fans get in the mood for the new LEDApple as the four members are seen posing individually and together.

The shots are taken mainly in two settings – in front of a graffitied white wall and with a glowing cafe as scenery. The boys of LEDApple showcase their modeling skills as they appear mysterious and mature in the pictures.

Check out the photos and video below: