Lee Hi does not wish to attend college in the near future

In her latest interview, Lee Hi told reporters that she did not take the Suneung exam, or CSAT, because she had no wish to attend college in the near future.

Born in 1996, Lee Hi was eligible to take the Suneung exam, which is the entrance test used to determine which college a student will attend. Currently a senior at the School of Performing Arts in Seoul, Lee Hi told reporters that she did not wish to enroll in college. Lee Hi said, “On the day of the Suneung on November 13th, I spent all night until 4 in the morning to practice choreography with Akdong Musician‘s Suhyun.”

She continued, “I had no regrets about not taking the Suneung because now I will be able to focus on my activities. It could be regretful to not take Suneung as a senior, but I will work harder in what I am doing now.”

“I do not intend to attend college in the future. I once had a fantasy about college since I am a senior, but my dream is to be a singer in YG Entertainment so I believe I should be focusing on that instead. I told them that if I ever wanted to learn something, then I will decide to go to college.”

During her interview, Lee Hi also discussed how she matured greatly since her debut. “Working with Yang Hyun Suk made me learn how to speak clearly. He approves of it as well. I’ve also been studying on my own so I think I have settled on my own beliefs.”

Lee Hi recently debuted as HI SUHYUN along with Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun with the song, “I’m Different” which features iKON‘s Bobby.

Source: StarNews