Lee Hi’s Audience Helps Her Finish Singing After Background Music Suddenly Cuts Out

Lee Hi is being praised for not only her professional approach but her amazing vocals after what could have been a problematic incident on stage was turned into an opportunity.

Recently, the YG Entertainment artist made an appearance at an event in Yonsei, where in a video going viral online reveals Lee Hi performing the ultimate music removed (MR) stage that will have anyone denying her vocal prowess to think otherwise.

Singing her debut track “,” the background music to the song was suddenly cut off 30-seconds into the performance. The audio returns about 16-seconds later, only to be cut off again, an obvious problem with the audio system becoming apparent. Instead of waiting for it to be fixed, Lee Hi continues without any hesitation, getting aid from her the large audience who sang along with her.

Lee Hi acknowledged the video, which has accumulated over 239,000 views in over three days, on her Instagram with a series of cute emoticons on May 24th, “??????✌?️?✌?.”