Lee Hongki releases teaser video for 1st fanmeeting & photo book “Hongstargram”

After traveling to different countries and meeting with fans, Lee Hongki is preparing to release his photo book titled, Hongstargram.

Lee Hongki released a teaser video for his photo book, “Honstargram.” In the book, he shows fans the adventures that he had while visiting Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore earlier this year in June and July. Hongki is seen taking a walk on the streets and trying new types of food while sightseeing in the different countries. He stops by locations with beautiful scenery and takes quick photographs for his book.

He takes a variety of videos and photos of the types of food that he enjoyed which included both street food and restaurant food. Additionally, Hongki visits some museums and amusement parks which he also presents in his new photo book.

Hongstargram will be released on December 3rd.

Check out the teaser video below!