Lee Hyun reveals “It’s Okay if it Hurts” MV for “Birth of a Beauty” OST

On December 18th, Lee Hyun of 8eight revealed the music video for “It’s Okay if it Hurts,” a track from the SBS drama Birth of a Beauty.

The music video shows clips from the drama, highlighting the emotional and relatable relationship between the characters. Although the opening scenes are simple and domestic, the climax to the chorus shows the sweet giving of a ring before jumping to a seemingly fruitless search through the city.

Lee Hyun’s husky and steady voice suits the flurry of expressions and situations that are shown in this compilation of episodes, making it the perfect OST for the popular drama. Through laughter and tears, the leads show their professional and captivating acting with “It’s Okay if it Hurts” recreating the atmosphere for viewers.

Other artists to contribute their talents to the drama’s OST include MC the Max, Lee Haena, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and Gemini.

In related news, the vocal trio 8Eight disbands this year after a seven year run in the industry.

Check out the music video here: