[★VIDEO] Lee Jong Suk and Suzy star in BBQ Chicken CF and reveal making-of clip

Actor Lee Jong Suk and miss A’s Suzy recently starred in a BBQ Chicken commercial and have revealed a behind-the-scenes look at the filming as well!

The two actors showed off their onscreen chemistry in the behind the scenes look as the two pose with multiple expressions before they burst out laughing. As the video progresses, the two playfully joke around, repeating the same action over and over hoping to get a good shot among their many NGs.

The two have to increase the number of takes to complete the filming due to the two version of Suzy featured in the CF.

This is the first project the two have worked on since their dating scandal last September. Sources suspected the two were dating and even stated that Dispatch would be releasing an exclusive. However, Lee Jong Suk’s agency stepped forward to deny the rumors and even saying the two never worked on a project with Dispatch eventually denying the report.

Lee Jongsuk also commented on the matter in late January saying “Honestly, Suzy and I don’t even know each other. I was invited to Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung’s newlywed house and people there started to clap and congratulate me for being in a relationship with Suzy and I remember I was really shocked then.”

Despite these rumors, the two seemed to get along very well on the set of the filming and didn’t let the rumors create any awkward tension.

Check out the CF where two Suzys tempt Lee Jong Suk with two flavors of chicken and then watch how much fun the two actors had on set in the behind the scenes look!