Lee Joon greets fans in a warming Valentine’s Day video

Former MBLAQ member and actor Lee Joon recently released a video under his new agency Prain TPC, greeting all his fans as they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Released via Prain TPC’s YouTube channel on February 13th, Lee Joon greeted fans with a gently, but warming smile that would no doubt make the hearts’ of fan girls flutter. Groomed nicely with a neat hairstyle and black outfit, the actor first thanked fans for celebrating his birthday with him recently (February 7th) as he turned a year older.

“I appreciate everyone who has sent in letters and gifts in the mail, I have read [the fan mail] with a good heart. During Valentine’s Day, normally a girl gives chocolates to the guy, but as a guy, I want to present it to everyone.” 

Currently, a giveaway contest is in progress in which 100 participants will be able to received chocolates from Lee Joon by leaving a post of why you should receive them via Prain TPC’s Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon is preparing for the premiere debut of his next drama project Heard It Through the Grapevine set to air on February 23rd via SBS.

[프레인TPC_이준의 "발렌타인데이 반사!" 이벤트] 배우 이준이 여러분의 사랑을 ‘반!사!’하며 초콜릿을 쏩니다. 2월 15일(일)까지댓글로 "내가 이준의 초콜릿을 받아야 하는 이유"를 쓰고 영상 전체공…

Posted by Prain TPC (프레인 TPC) on Thursday, February 12, 2015

Source: TV Report