Lee Sung Min releases MV for “The Road Home”

On December 3rd, guitarist Lee Sung Min released the official music video for the song, “The Road House,” which beautifully incorporates instruments such as the guitar, bass, drums and percussion.

The music video starts off smoothly while footage from the city appears as the instruments set the tone for the song. “The Road House” shares the story of late night writing as he is shown continuously playing instruments. Lee Sung Min’s music video ends with photos of him in the studio and what looks to be a photo of his children.

Lee Sung Min released his Solo 1st Project album on September 5th, which also includes his first single called, “First Song,” an uplifting and inspirational song whose music video was released on September 12th.

Furthermore, Lee Sung Min is known for being a guitarist for music shows such as K-Pop Star, Super Star K and much more.