[★VIDEO] LEGEND celebrates 200 days since debut

On January 23rd, the boys of LEGEND shared a heart-warming video message to fans in celebration of the group’s 200th day since debut.

Although the members have been busy with their comeback with “Trace,” they did not forget to share a video message to fans for their 200th day since debut.

The group donned their chic black outfits in the video however quickly highlighted their great chemistry and lovable personalities with a crazy and fun dance break. The LEGEND members sincerely thanked fans for supporting them until now and explained their hopes for the new year and coming days.

One by one, the five boys delivered their greetings as they expressed disbelief that it has been 200 days with the loving fans. They mentioned further milestones such as 300, 500, 1000, and 2000 day anniversaries

Take a look at their messages below: