Legend releases dance practice video for “Lost”

Rookie group Legend takes it back to the basics with a dance practice video for their comeback song, “Lost.”

Debuting back in July of 2014, Legend has made their comeback with their first mini album titled, Out of My Mind. Consisting of members Listen, Roi, Ryu Jae Hyuk, Lito, and Lee Chang Sun, Legend released their music video for “Lost” on October 30th.

Aside from the story being told in the music video, Legend strips down to the basics and focuses on the choreography of their song. The boys are dressed in the black and red outfits that they wore in the music video and show their passionate moves through their dance practice.

Even though they are a new rookie group, Legend shows their ability through the confident steps they take while they dance in sync to their comeback song screaming, “I’m out of my mind!”

Check out the dance practice below!