Legend reveals “I Wanna Know” MV off “Out of My Mind” mini-album

On November 20th, boy group Legend revealed the official music video for their track “I Wanna Know” off the mini-album, “Out of My Mind” released a few weeks ago.

The group previously dropped the music video for “Lost” and now are back with this fun and cartoony music video for “I Wanna Know.”

The video opens with the members in a classroom setting as they claim positions such as “Piano,” “Drum,” and “Vocal.” The brainstorming session becomes a crazy dance practice with the desks and chairs.

“I Wanna Know” has a light and quick tempo that creates the cheerful and upbeat mood emphasized with this creative music video. The members take viewers through a musical journey as their classroom madness transitions to studio recording and an adorable shoulder dance. The graphic effects of comic book text and faces follow the members as they prepare for a performance on stage.

Check out the music video here: