[★VIDEO] LEGGOs leave EXID in tears after a heartwarming surprise in Taiwan

EXID’s LEGGOs recently put together a touching video that left all five girls in tears as they performed at their showcase in Taiwan. With their first showcase in Taiwan drawing to a close, the MC announced that the next event would be something that was not originally planned. As the girls took their seat, a video began to play which featured EXID’s promotional posters for the showcase.

First, it showed the most hilarious moments of the members that were caught on camera ranging from performances, blunders, and backstage interviews. Then, the video transitioned into EXID’s best live performances as the fan video included words of encouragement and gratefulness for the hard work the members put in.

As the video came to a close, all of the members were in tears at the moving video as the fans presented them with a cake to celebrate their accomplishments.

Take a look at the touching moment between EXID and their fans below.