Lena Park and Verbal Jint get “Sweet” in new collaboration MV

Wanting to experiment on a new sound and genre, Lena Park releases the full music video for her latest single, “Sweet (Brand New Mix)” featuring Verbal Jint.

On October 21st,the music video was released through 1theK‘s official Youtube channel in support of her new single album Syncrofusion Lena Park + Brand New Music.

“Sweet” is a previously released single by Lena Park that has been remastered with Verbal Jint to experiment with a new genre. The track  is about a man and a woman who know that the end of their relationship is inevitable but are still trying hold onto the “sweet” memories that they shared together.

Lena Park’s melodic voice and Verbal Jint’s beat-driven rap exemplify lovers at odds with lyrics like, “I know nothing lasts forever, that’s why I want to fill it with good things, but this time together, I know I can’t rewind the hands of time.”

Check out the music video for “Sweet” below and tell us what you think!