Lim Kim continues countdown to latest project with adorable photos

It looks like Lim Kim is making a return to the music scene soon, and has begun a countdown with several photo releases through her official Facebook account as teasers. 

Lim Kim initially shared a selca with fans in late February, revealing herself to be in the recording studio and posting the hashtag #comeback.

Following, the singer began a countdown starting with D-2 on March 2nd with what looked to be a still photo from the set of her music video. Surrounded by little girls in a bright colored set and streams of balloons, the post read, “A secret (?) project film with from not too long ago with cute kids.”

On March 3rd, a cute photo of Lim Kim was shared with the tag D-1. Wearing a sleeveless bright pink dress with a white-sleeved, collared shirt underneath, the talented and unique vocal singer holds up two large, colorful lollipops up to her head as if they were bunny ears as she smiles adorably towards the camera against a pale blue background. The post reads, “A secret gift Lim Kim has prepared will be revealed tomorrow!”

Stay tuned to Koreaboo as we look to cover her upcoming news!