Lim Kim takes you on the set of “Awoo” in making video

After Lim Kim released the music video for “Awoo,” the vocalist released the making film for the track on April 23rd.

As the fun and catchy song played in the background, Lim Kim took fans with her onto the set of the music video. After a few glimpses of the set, Lim Kim introduced herself and continued as she revealed the concept of the music video, and more.

Not only did she unveil details about the music video, but behind the scenes footage was shown as well. The behind the scenes footage showed the adorable cat scenes while other scenes showcased the vocalist interacting with the crew.

Lim Kim released the music video for “Awoo,” produced by Primary on April 22nd and will release her third mini-album on April 27th. In addition to collaborating with Primary, Lim Kim will also have songs produced by Beenzino.

Check out the video here: