Lip Service shares fun dance cover to “Wiggle”

Hip-hop group Lip Service dances around Seoul to Jason Derulo‘s song, “Wiggle.” The girls show off their powerful and unique style while making sure not to leave out any humor.

Lip Service’s Anna, Bipa, and Cora show off their sexy and chic street style through their dancing and different outfits throughout this video. As the three members are dancing, they draw big crowds of people with their charismatic appearances and outgoing personalities. The rough cuts and casual atmosphere of the video makes these girls seem very approachable.

Lip Service is a rookie group that originally debuted as a duo with Bipa and Cora back in February with their single “Yum Yum Yum.” Anna’s first public appearance with Lip Service was the single album Upgrade that featured the track “Too Fancy” released in August. Although the group is fairly new to the music scene, fans loved Lip Service’s performance of “Puppy Love” on the November 1st episode of MBC Music Core.

Check out the group’s energetic dance cover here: