Lipservice releases MV for “You’re the One”

After releasing several photo teasers for the track, duo girl group Lipservice finally released the music video for their latest song “You’re the One” featuring J-Lin on February 26th. 

The music video, shot entirely in black and white, features the two girls recording in the studio as well as roaming in the streets despite the cold winter weather. While they can be seen wearing large jackets and warm hats outside on the streets, the duo also show off their sweet dance moves in comfortable attire in the studio.

The music video really encompasses all aspects of the unique duo, highlighting their musical abilities and dancing skills, as well as their beauty through a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot.

Bipa’s husky rapping and Anna’s powerful vocals contribute to the appealing nature of the track and add to its unique flair. “You’re the One” also marks the first release from the group after the departure of former member Cora.

Make sure to check out the music video for Lipservice’s “You’re the One” below: