Listen to Jessica Jung sing her DELETED lines in Girls Generation’s new song “Catch Me If You Can”

After listening to Girls’ Generation’s newest track “Catch Me If You Can,” fans noticed that the tune was quite familiar.

After some research, fans discovered that the catchy chorus of the new song was in fact leaked by former member Jessica Jung during her reality show Jessica & Krystal, which featured her and her sister, f(x)‘s Krystal Jung. In episode three of the show, Jessica can be heard singing parts of the chorus as she sat down on a couch reading a magazine.

Fans were skeptical about the future of the SM Entertainment girl group after the removal of Jessica, but with “Catch Me If You Can” reaching over 1 million views on YouTube in less than eight hours of its release, Girls’ Generation has proven to still be a the top of the industry.

Fans pieced together a clip of Jessica singing the song with the recently-released music video, showing that they do fit together quite well. While fans won’t be able to hear Jessica sing in the actual music video, they can enjoy the video below!