Little Psy joins NOM’s “Kidding Me” dance practice

On February 4th, Little Psy gave NOM fans a surprise as he joined in on the group’s dance practice video for NOM’s latest comeback track, “Kidding Me.”

In the first half of the video, the members of NOM energetically dance along to their electronic track. Showcasing their impressive fluid moves and great chemistry, their fun attitudes come out during the chorus and the point dance.

However, halfway through the video, Little Psy jumps in to take the front and center position, giving viewers quite a pleasant surprise as he joins the members in this funky and upbeat dance.

Little Psy stands out right from the beginning with his high-energy running jump into the video. His sparkly outfit soon catches attention with its gold sequins. Lastly, his ability as a dancer does not weaken in front of NOM as the five continue dancing through the track.

The amazing young dancer has also visited the dance rehearsal of Teen Top earlier in 2013.

Check out their amazing dance rehearsal here: