Lizzy makes her solo debut with “Not An Easy Girl” MV ft. Jung Hyung Don

After School’s Lizzy released her digital single and music video for her debut song, “Not An Easy Girl,” on January 23rd, charming fans further with her trot track.

With straightforward, easy-to-understand lyrics and a lighthearted and joyful tune, Lizzy will fill yours ears with musical goodness as she takes on trot music as her own solo release for the first time.

In amazing editing, Lizzy transforms into Sung Chun Hyang, a character from the 1960 Korean historical film Chunhyangjeon whose plot is based on one of Korea’s best known love tales. Reproducing the costumes and recording so that the scenes were as close to the original scenes as possible, Lizzy plays the innocent and poor, but single-minded character that eventually falls in love with Mong Ryong, the son of the magistrate.