Loco and G-Friend’s Yuju sing of love in “Spring is Gone by Chance” MV

On April 7th, Loco and G-Friend’s Yuju unveiled the full music video for the sweet collaboration track, “Spring is Gone by Chance.”

While the artists previously dropped a short music video teaser for this enchanting duet, fans can now enjoy the full feeling of the song through this official music video. “Spring is Gone by Chance” is the second track for the recent drama Girl Who Sees Smell.

Member of rookie girl group G-Friend, Yuju shows her powerful high notes in this melodic track while Loco comes in with his witty and captivating rap.

As in the teaser, fans of the drama get to revisit their favorite scenes from the drama as the music video opens with a dramatic and touching scene. The lead characters’ chemistry soon shines through with a series of hilarious and touching moments between the two.

Take a look at the full music video here: