Lovelyz channels their inner-Girls’ Generation on “Weekly Idol”

Lovelyz showed their admiration and love for their seniors and popular girl group Girls’ Generation, choosing many of their songs to dance to on the latest episode of Weekly Idol.

On the episode of MBC Every1‘s Weekly Idol that aired on March 18th, rookie girl group Lovelyz made an appearance as the main guests, displaying their many charms to viewers. In a segment in which the members showed off their individual dancing skills, Lovelyz chose to dance along to hit tracks by Girls’ Generation.

This decision is not surprising as Lovelyz previously revealed at their debut showcase that their role model is Girls Generation.

Ryu Sujeong was the first member up and chose to dance to “Oh!” (2010), executing the moves perfectly as Defconn mumbled happily to the lyrics in the background. Mijoo took on “The Boys ” (2011) for her solo, showing her powerful moves.

The segment was slightly deterred as the Lovelyz members then danced to a song by their agency seniors INFINITE to see which of the girls would last the longest in remembering the dance steps, resulting in only Mijoo, Jin, and Kei left.

Member Jin took on Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” (2013), however, the MCs hilarious stopped her in mid-performance after it was clear she had forgotten the dance moves, moving her body oddly. The MCs did not fail to make fun of her as they imitated her odd moves that resembled like an exercising move as the rest of the Lovelyz members cracked up. Jin was given another chance to dance the breakdown and highlight of the track, to which she somewhat pulled off, her odd move once again appearing and causing Jung Hyung Don to get up from his seat and make fun of her once again.

Member Jung Ye In, as the fourth member to dance, chose “Genie” (2009), which prompted the show’s MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn to release their inner-fanboy as they sung along to the hook chorus.

Watch the hilarious clip below!