Lovelyz gets praised for MR removed “Ah-Choo” performance

Lovelyz captures more hearts and praises after fans removed the MR from their recent live performance for “Ah-Choo”!  After making their first comeback performance on Mnet’s M! Countdown on October 1st, Lovely was a focus of discussion as the video circulated on various community boards such as Pann. The short gathered a lot of positive comments for their performance as it highlighted their improvement in singing with minimal vocal accompaniment, earning more praise for the recent comeback activities.

The same response can be seen on Twitter as fans circulated the MR removed clip and discussed the improvement in their vocals and stage presence.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz continues their Lovelyz8 promotions in music shows this week.

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[+ 148, – 9] I guess Woolim artists don’t lipsynch

[+ 134, – 6] Wow…They’re so good I hope more people see this and find out how good they are

[+ 129, – 6] They all have such great voice color a lot of people criticize Yoo Jiae for her voice but it’s really good

Source: Pann