Lovelyz greets fans with a “Hi” in new comeback MV

After teasing fans for their comeback, rookie girl group Lovelyz made their return with the music video for “Hi” on March 3rd as part of their repackaged album.

The music video shows the girls in their signature school girl outfits and a very soft angelic light as they sing and dance along.

The announcement for their return was made on February 11th with the release of a group teaser image which sparked debate among fan of whether all eight members would be present this time. Unfortunately, only seven members who is making a comeback this time around, excluding Jisoo who is still on a hiatus in regards to malicious rumors that were spread about her.

Nevertheless, the girls continued with the release of individual teasers, a short music video teaser, and a group bubble gum teaser that included individual messages on post-it notes from the girls.

Make sure to check the music video for “Hi” out below!