Lovelyz make a comeback as eight members with “Shooting Star” MV

After unveiling a video teaser last week, Woollim Entertainment girl group Lovelyz finally released the music video for their much-anticipated ballad track “Shooting Star” on September 13th. 

The music video, which is for the title track for the Lovelyz’s comeback album Lovelyz8, also features member Jisoo, who was inactive during the group’s last two periods of promotions due to a scandal that broke out about her alleged personal indiscretions.

Back as a full group since the release of the debut music video “Candy Jelly Love,” the eight members appear very dreamy and innocent in the lovely ballad track. Featuring many books, the girls definitely give off an innocent student vibe causing fans who watch the music video to reminisce about their own days as students.

Showing great chemistry both aesthetically and vocally, the girls definitely shine like a shooting star in this music video. Make sure to check out the super cute music video for Lovelyz’s “Shooting Star” below!