Lovelyz members are cute and playful in new video teaser for “Ah-Choo”

Teasing fans with a fun and cute video for their comeback, Woollim Entertainment’s girl group Lovelyz has released a short preview of their music video “Ah-Choo”.

Back again with a new release, on September 23rd, Lovelyz unveiled a new teaser for their music video “Ah-Choo.” Sticking with their cute and innocent image concept, the girls are lively and playful in their new teaser as they play hide-and-seek. With the release of the teaser, the music video is expected to come out on October 1st.

Lovelyz’s most recent release was their album Lovelyz8 with the ballad title track “Shooting Star” The new comeback also features all eight girls, as member Jisoo made her return after a long hiatus due to a scandal that started when the group made their debut.

Take a look at their teaser below!