Lovelyz releases album preview video for “GIRLS’ INVASION” debut album

With the pre-release of their track and music video “Goodbye Like Yesterday,” new Woollim Entertainment girl group Lovelyz has released an album preview for their debut album, GIRLS’ INVASION.

Teaming up once again with composer OnePiece, who also created their ballad song “Goodbye Like Yesterday,” Lovelyz opens up with a soft, piano composition, “Introducing the Candy.”

“Candy Jelly Love” is an upbeat and lighthearted track composed and arranged by OnePiece, lyrics written by Kim Ina, who together, also created the track “Chapter 1.”

INFINITE‘s Dongwoo makes a feature in the Babysoul and Kei collaboration track, “Playgirl.” Members of Lovelyz also show take this chance to shine individually, with Yoo Jiae and JIN singing their solo tracks, “Delight” and “Don’t Flirt” respectively. Wheesung makes an appearance as the featured singer in Babysoul’s solo as well.

GIRLS’ INVASION will be released on November 17th at midnight KST.