Lovelyz releases comeback MV teaser, “Hi~”

After releasing a series of concept photos of each members and finally a group photo, rookie girl group Lovelyz shared the video teaser to their upcoming title track.

A soft and melodic piano arrangement begins to play before it is accompanied by a beautiful string arrangement to complete the song. Scenes of the Lovelyz members are seen in deep thought in various areas and rooms of a house, the sun’s rays seeping through the windows to create a warming scene.

Lovelyz will be returning as a 7-member group without member Jisoo, due to her current open case and investigation regarding the malicious rumors against her that rose just prior to the group’s official debut.

Now set to release their repackaged mini-album, the girl group will be promoting the title track “Hi~”, and will be released on March 3rd at midnight KST.