Lovelyz reveals behind-the-scene video for “Candy Jelly Love” MV

A little over a week into their debut, rookie girl group Lovelyz shared a “behind the music video” of their debut track, “Candy Jelly Love,” off their mini-album Girls’ Invasion.

With “Candy Jelly Love” playing in the background, NG scenes of Lovelyz are revealed as they attempt to record their scenes perfectly, but at the same time, cute moments are shared.

The girls’ table tennis abilities is exposed as each members take their turn to hit the ping pong ball coming through the window, and laughing as they miss. Other scenes include the highlight scenes shown in the music video of Lovelyz devouring candy jelly in various ways.

Lovelyz is Woollim Entertainment‘s first girl group to debut under their label, who made their official debut on November 17th.