[★VIDEO] Lovelyz reveals dieting habits in “Lovelyz Diary”

Following a successful broadcast of the first episode last week, Lovelyz is back with the second episode of their very own show Lovelyz Diary, released on November 28th.

This week, the members celebrate Lee Mijoo‘s birthday, whose birthday falls on September 23rd. Mijoo turns 21 this year, and she thanked her fellow group mates for the surprise event while her face was still filled with sweat from her practice. The members have a knack for surprising the birthday girls, as they had moved Ryu Sujeong to tears for her 18th birthday last week as well.

In this episode, the members of Lovelyz also expressed their thoughts of having to control their weight and be on diets as a girl group. Leader Baby Soul revealed that the members either pack their own lunch boxes or get some food from the convenient store. While the older members Baby Soul and Yoo Jiae diligently packed their own lunch boxes around 2am, the younger ones JIN, Kei, and Mijoo preferred the convenience of just buying something from the nearby convenient store.

A few days later, their label company Woollim Entertainment prepared food specially for the girls, in particular congee for Jiae as she was having an upset stomach. Fellow member JIN also had a severe stomach pain last week and was rushed to the hospital after filming KBS’s Music Bank.

The girls also revealed their dieting habits, such as Kei who eats several small meals a day and drinks milk when she gets too hungry and Yein bluffs that she loves chicken breast. Yein also added that “dieting is a must for every girl nowadays,” and she feels quite happy losing weight although it is tiring. In fact, the Lovelyz girls actually crave things that typical girls would want to eat: snacks, ice cream, stir-fried cartilage, spicy marinated pig’s feet, sweet seasoned pork, homemade Kimchi stew, and grilled eel, making them excited just by mentioning the food names.

Seo Jisoo also had a solo interview, stating that although the journey is hard, it has been their dream to want to be on stage, so they are hanging on with determined hearts. Meanwhile, it has been reported that she left the hospital after being admitted due to the trauma from the malicious rumors that were revolving around her. While the police are still investing the case, it is not yet officially determined when Jisoo will be back on stage with the other members.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz has been going strong with their debut as they have ranked first on Japan’s Tower Records charts.

Catch the second episode of Lovelyz Diary with English subtitles provided below: