[★VIDEO] Lovelyz sheds tears on tough debut in “Lovelyz Diary”

New girl group Lovelyz continue to show the public the arduous path they went through before they could debut! On December 2nd, the 3rd episode of their own show Lovelyz Diary was shared through their official Youtube channel.

In this episode, the members had a fun time experimenting with their autographs, but also were given a harsh wake-up call right before their debut. While leader Baby Soul already had an autograph set beforehand as she released her solo album back in 2011, it was a relatively new experience for the rest of the members.

The second segment of the video showed a review test from Woollim Entertainment to see how ready the girls are for their debut. The 8 girls had to take the test individually while being filmed and were required to sing a song by themselves. Although the CEO of Woollim Entertainment, Lee Jung Yeop, was not present to monitor the girls, Lovelyz seemed more nervous because it was their strict A&R (Artists and Repertoire) manager who was reviewing them. As his role was to oversee the development of the artists, he gave criticisms to the girls that especially made Kei and JIN break out into tears, while Sujeong was so overwhelmed that she almost fainted.

In response, netizens left encouraging messages through the comment section, while most of them complimented Kei and expressed their anticipation for her to release her cover for the track “Reflection” from the animated film, Mulan. 

Last week, the group shared their thoughts about dieting and their own eating habits in episode 2.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz made their debut last November 17th with title track “Candy Jelly Love”, off their first mini-album Girls’ Invasion.