[★VIDEO] Lovelyz talks about Jisoo’s absence on debut showcase

Despite the recent controversy surrounding member JisooWoollim Entertainment continues with the debut showcase for Lovelyz as planned.

On November 12th, Lovelyz was officially introduced as the latest girl group under Woollim Entertainment, as they held an exclusive showcase announcing their debut in Songpa, Seoul.

Lovelyz is composed of 8 members namely Baby Soul, Ji Ae, JIN, Mijoo, Kei, Jisoo, Yejin and Soojung. However, it was noted that member Jisoo wasn’t able to attend the event as planned, as she remains affected by the rampant accusations against her. She is revealed to remain absent from other activities for the time being while investigations continue.

Meanwhile, speaking for the group, Baby Soul also spoke up of Jisoo’s absence from the showcase. In a statement, she said that despite coming out as seven members, the group will try their best to fill the vacant spot in Jisoo’s absence.

Lovelyz will be the first girl group from Woollim Entertainment following acts such as Nell and Infinite. To commemorate their debut, they have released the track “Good Night, Like Yesterday” on November 10th, which will be followed by their full album on November 17th.

Source: Newsen and ReviewStar