Lovelyz’s Soo Jung covers BoA’s “Disturbance”

Showing her admiration for veteran singer BoA, Lovelyz member Ryu Soo Jung released a sweet cover of the singer’s track, “Disturbance.”

Appearing as a guest on popular MBC radio show SimSimTaPa, the Lovelyz singer performed an impressive cover of the SM Entertainment legend’s track, displaying her soft and sweet voice. The performance earned the singer praise from viewers, who left their comments of support and encouragement on the video.

Soo Jung recently made headlines when she claimed that she and her group Lovelyz were under SM Entertainment (this is partially true because her agency Woollim Entertainment is under subsidiary SM C&C). Despite the short-lived controversy, however, Soo Jung’s admiration for BoA shined through as she beautifully covered the singer’s track.

Make sure to check out Soo Jung’s cover of “Disturbance” below!